Closing the gap: Equity investment training course call for applications

Wednesday, 07 Mar 2012, 15:09


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The Malta Film Commission, as part of its initiative to inform and generate awareness relating to training opportunities in the film industry, would like to inform local producers of film and television projects (live action, animation, documentary) about ‘Closing The Gap: Equity investment training course’ which will shortly be taking place.

Equity investment is an important area that needs to be taken into consideration just as equally when planning the creative element of any film or TV project. Areas of concern for producers include how to raise or obtain necessary funding? How to identify and pitch to possible investors? And, how to go about creating a business plan? All these concerns and much more will be tackled in this training course, which aims to train producers on how to identify, approach, and pitch to private equity investors, teach them business skills that they can use to find new sources of financing especially in the current financial climate.

As an outcome of this course, participants will learn innovative financing and transmedia marketing and distribution strategies, how to prepare a business plan and pitch presentation targeted to an equity investor audience. In addition, they will have a range of networking opportunities, receive extensive one-to-one feedback and pitch coaching. At the course’s conclusion participants will pitch their projects to a panel of investors (from venture capital funds; business angel networks; public/private funds; and mediatech financiers), who will apart from participating in the training both as experts, will also be on the pitch panel who will then vote on and award a cash prize to the best pitch.

The course is structured in 4 sessions and will include two online sessions, a workshop and a pitching training and session. The first session will consist of weekly skype consultations with tutors between April and June 2012; followed by a workshop in Financing & Transmedia Strategies which will take place in Bari, Italy (3.5 days in June 2012; dates – to be confirmed); the third session will consist of weekly skype consultations with tutors between August and October 2012; and the final and last session will be a Pitch Training & Project Pitching opportunity to Investors in Palma de Mallorca, Spain (3 days in November 2012; dates – to be confirmed).

Accordingly, producers of film and television projects (live action, animation, documentary) are being invited to apply with a specific project. Up to 12 projects will be selected. Project teams can be composed of 1–2 people (producer; producer and writer; or producer and director). The course fee per project is €500, which includes accommodation and meals for the teams during the on-site workshops in Bari, Italy and in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Participants must cover their own travel expenses to and from Italy and Spain. However, financial assistance in the form of scholarships including course fee, accommodation and meals, and travel stipends are available.

‘Closing The Gap: Equity investment training course’ is a MEDIA-supported training programme offered by film financing consultancy peacefulfish, the pan-European investor network Media Deals, and international tutors and experts with the support of The MEDIA Programme, The Apulia Film Commission, and The Mallorca Film Commission. Completed application forms together with a draft of the script, a working draft of the financing plan, and all other requested documents need to be sent by 15th March 2012.

For full information on how to apply for the ‘Closing The Gap’ equity investment training course please visit the News section of the Malta Film Commission website

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